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Separate PRT record and Droplets' name

Just like Linode, you can have a Linode Label Name showing on your dashboard and a PRT (or Reserve IP DNS). In some case, like myself. I would like my dashboard been Clear with all Name not all hostname/domain name, but I also want there is a hostname of an IP address when I try to traceroute or reserve checking.

In the mean time, DO only allow you to change Droplets name to a valid domain name in order to change the PRT record. However, that's not meet someone's style.

For example, I usually use some random name for domain/hostname (such as Greek mythological figures names, like However, I want my Droplets name like something (Development VPS or Project Kings Production VPS) to indicate the purpose of the Droplets.

Feature Needed: Allow user to Separate PRT recodes/Reserve DNS name and its Real Droplets Name. Or at least have option for that.

  • SharkIng
  • Sep 11 2018
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