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Allow 100% ownership transfer (billing etc)

As a consultant, I often set up a system for a customer and then would like to invite them to the organization, and ultimately transfer ownership and billing responsibility to them. I currently can't do this.

Being able to do this would be extremely valuable, and would reduce having to get someone to sign up for a new account, set up a droplet, change billing, etc.

  • Tony
  • Sep 11 2018
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  • Josh Viney commented
    September 11, 2018 16:30

    Hi Tony,

    I believe we might be able to help with the use of Teams.

    When you initially set up a client, create a Team instead of creating an entirely new account. You can do this using your own billing information, or add theirs when making the Team. Once the Team has been created, you have the option to invite your clients to the Team as Members, if they would like to collaborate, or wait until you'd like to handoff management. When you decide to hand off management of the resources and payment to your clients, simply make sure the billing information is theirs, promote them to Team "Owner" and remove yourself or downgrade your role in the Team.