DO Ideas 2

Add the personal cloud as a One Click App

Once installed on top of a Linux distro, Cozy turns a Droplet into a personal app platform. It allows users to easily host basic applications like a contact manager, a calendar, a webmail and a filebox on their own server. It comes with an Android app and a CalDAV/CardDAV server that allow you to sync your contacts, calendars and files with your mobile and your tools.

One more thing, anyone can write his own application with Node.js. That's why the Cozy Community, made of Javascript enthusiats, has built other personal tools like a feed reader, a bank operation manager or an IRC client.

We think that the personal cloud use case is something that might interest the Digital Ocean users. So, if you like that idea, vote for it!

  • Frank Rousseau
  • Sep 11 2018
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