DO Ideas 2

Implement some type of QoS so that more bandwidth is available per node

Today when I try to "download" from my DO box, it gives at most around 3.3 MB/s, whereas uploading I can get 10 MB/s (or more) so it's not a connectivity issue on my end. DigitalOcean "advertises" its network at 1 GB/s however no nodes seem to be able to do that. My hunch is that most network traffic is being used by a few very chatty nodes and the rest of us suffer because our "new" TCP streams quickly get bogged down by the competition.

Feature request/suggestion. Overcome this somehow:

One possibility (and actually the suggestion here) is to provide some kind of QoS so that "this server" and "that server" get "balanced" network bandwidth over time. Providing tiered network speeds (like linode does) might be another option, but not the discussion in this particular proposal.


  • roger pack
  • Sep 11 2018