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excessive use of 3rd party JavaScript

The droplet control panel and support area seems to source JavaScript from 17 third party sites. Why? These sites include Bing and Facebook. There are no ads on these pages. There are no Facebook like buttons on these pages. It seems like somebody created a kitchen sink list of sites desired for a marketing site, and then reused that for the control panel site.

Unnecessary third party JavaScript is a security risk, and inappropriate for this sort of a site.

I'm OK with limited and necessary use of JS, but the current use is over the top.

(And for the JS you do need, you can vastly improve your security profile and compatibility with those of us running restrictive environments by caching and serving it from your own servers, instead of linking to third parties. Then when someone whitelists, everything works.)

  • Tom Metro
  • Sep 11 2018
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