DO Ideas 2

Disable account lock (for droplet creation) with your own account (when you set up account for your customer)

Currently theres lock unless you top up by paypal or set up CC. Issue is when you cant provide those. For eg when i am moving my customer server to DO, and they might not wish to provide payment details before service delivery.

I dont mind typing theyr user name, and for the time being, acting as a support payment.

Currently moving only small ones, so $ for refferal are enough time for me to move them, but still need at least one top up or CC details.

And definately cant do it on my own account, as for one i want to keep it separate, 2nd, i want my customers to be in control, 3rd, quite quickly i would run of ouf droplets limits.

Any comments welcome.

  • Pawel
  • Sep 11 2018
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