DO Ideas 2

Make the Droplet Resize screen remember "Permanent" / "Flexible" across refreshes!

I had to temporarily resize a (normally $20) droplet to do some CPU intensive tasks. After selecting the $320 option and "flexible", I refreshed the page to see if my droplet's shutdown had been registered yet. While my sizing preference for the droplet was remembered, the UI automatically switched my "flexible" choice back to the default "permanent"!

I didn't notice the reset, and as a result had to go through the uncomfortable and time-consuming process of rebuilding a new, smaller droplet (since you don';t support downsizing permanent upgrades yet).

While your fantastic support guys referenced me to a tutorial and helped me solve the issue as quickly as possible, I think this is a very rare example of a UX bug in the D/O interface. I'm certain I can't be the only one who's made this mistake.

Even if you go back to the default "permanent" every new session (since most users who resize want this option), please update the screen to remember my "flexible" choice across a page refresh if I already chose flexible, but haven't submitted for resize yet!

Thanks, and keep being awesome.

  • Jon Weber
  • Sep 11 2018
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