DO Ideas 2

Make the console actually work on non-HTML5 web browsers

Currently, the console only works on web browsers that support the Canvas HTML5 tag. Canvas is extremely old and out of date, and it doesn't work with Screen readers. The console should provide SSH connection details (like Linode does) or make it possible for browsers that aren't like 15 years old to actually work with the console. I would prefer the SSH console myself, but currently the console doesn't work for me at all, simply saying "Canvas not supported." That, in my opinion, is the most useless error message I've ever seen. I've tried the console on Firefox, internet explorer, chrome, and Sea Monkey and get the same error for all of them. So, either eliminate the current console and make an SSH one, or find another for the console to work on all browsers and with assistive technology (AT).

  • Ethin Probst
  • Sep 11 2018
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