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Affiliate Program - Needs Your Attention.

I was advised to re-post this here. So it's a copy/paste. if you agree vote in an attempt to change the system.

Year later $450 on pending.
I believe that your affiliate mechanism is not motivational enough. Although we could call it pure shit - no excuses, keep reading.

You should definitely design a new strategy that will actually encourage people to recommend your services.
For an example:
I'm extremely happy with everything you do. The servers are fast and reliable. The pricing is amazing. The control panel is amazing. Literally everything is great, but not just great I can call digitalocean a dream.

However this won't force me to make an effort to recommend your services. I need a working and legit affiliate program to do it as I believe many others need such program too.

My personal advice is that if you want to increase sales, you should actually start sharing % of the revenue with those who bring new clients here.
Just imagine how many new potential clients you avoid by not stimulating affiliates with bigger capabilities than my own.

What if I can promote your service to 1 000 000 audience? But why would I?
To get internal credit that stays on Pending for undefined time which you could actually extend like forever. In such terms, there's no way to share digitalocean to that audience.
What if I can run paid campaigns to promote your service in order to drive more income to you? I won't, why? Because of the same reason above. Your affiliate program is shit.

Change the way your affiliate program works.
Here is the best and most effective method to grow as company, award affiliates like so:
- Initial commission paid to affiliate for each new client. 60-70% of the total money spent by the new user. e.g user spends $100 , you pay the affiliate $70.
- Recurring commissions. Pay your affiliates each month.
When the user has a monthly billing, pay 10-20% of that amount to your affiliates.

The conclusion is simple. You won't bank hard in the first year,
but implementing such method will scale up your company brand awareness and net worth in less than a year.

Taking care for affiliates can force your income to explode in a year or so. Do not underestimate the power of affiliates.

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  • Sep 11 2018
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  • Matt Stanton commented
    September 11, 2018 16:13

    DigitalOcean, shortly after I signed up, ran several straight months as the fastest-growing hosting firm on the planet. I stopped paying attention well over a year ago, but something tells me they don't have a need to do any more than they already do.

  • Anonymous commented
    September 11, 2018 16:13

    I think its safe to assume that they want to be in control of marketing so as to make planning and their own scaling easier, and to be more in control of their brand... seeing as that they already have all the good-will marketing they can get. You're asking something very aggressive from them... I don't know of any company that will do the above... perhaps maybe one started by me, that can scale cheaply and easily. I have a feeling that DO isn't yet profitable, and probably have a distance to go before they are.

  • Bill commented
    September 11, 2018 16:13

    I was adviced by support to post the same request here, but glad you beat me to it since your post was much much better than mine would have been :)