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Fixes to the new Domain/DNS interface

1. The new Domain/DNS interface seems to have lost some valuable features. From what I recall, the old interface for a domain's DNS records had:

- Color codes for DNS record types (very helpful for quick looks).
- Grouped DNS records order with A, CNAME etc. listed first.
- Raw DNS record at the bottom. (There is a "Download zone" option in the domains list view, but I'd prefer to also have the raw record at the bottom, both for quick glances and copy/paste.)

These valuable features have disappeared since the update. DNS records for a domain are now listed in order of creation, in a mish-mash of all types, which is really not a helpful sorting order. Please make it an option, rather than the default view.

2. The view with a domain list now has a column with "Directs to", showing the droplet a domain points to. However, if there are two or more A records pointing to the same IP, it says "multiple locations" instead. Most of my domains also have a A record, which makes this feature almost useless. Should be easy to fix.

  • Markus A.O.
  • Sep 11 2018
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  • Emanuele Mazzotta commented
    September 11, 2018 16:09

    Also, it'd be great if the dns records table could be sorted by attributes such as type, hostname, ttl or value