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Add btrfs on root option for all Linux Droplets

btrfs is quickly becoming the defacto Linux file system and all major OSes include support for it (even DO's Droplets that don't allow using btrfs on root include the tools): CentOS, Ubuntu and CoreOS to name a few...

My main draw to BTRFS is the improved data integrity and bitrot protection provided by its checksums of data and metadata. Additional features of use in DO's environment are snapshots and pooling (among others).

I would also argue that btrfs on Linux is a needed option just as ZFS on FreeBSD is--in DO, one can choose UFS- or ZFS-based FreeBSD Droplets.

Links to additional information about BTRFS:
* - CoreOS has included support for btrfs for nearly 3 years now!

  • Thomas Smith
  • Sep 11 2018
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  • Nato Boram commented
    September 11, 2018 16:07

    Because we have a limited amount of space available, using a modern filesystem with Copy-on-Write and deduplication is essential. This allows us to use more effectively the droplet, create incremental backups, and store more than 15% more stuff on the machine. It also has a faster read + write speed.