DO Ideas 2

Confusing Top Right Team Switching Menu

The top right Team switching menu is the biggest source of stress for our team.


a) there is a line separating between the active account and the 2 links that refer to the active account (settings, notifications). Thus the 2 links do not seem related to the active account.

b) The 2 account related links are grouped together with non related links ("log out" and "create team"). The active account options are in the top left area of the page.


1) These 2 links should show immediately under the active account in the drop down menu.


2) Better: Move the 2 links to the top left menu. The drop down menu should not contain account level options (settings, notifications) as these account level links are grouped/placed at the top left (droplets, images, ....).

  • Octavian Yuri Naicu
  • Sep 11 2018