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Referral $ spent up to $25 threshold

Hi DO,

I recently started promoting your service on my blog and on Twitter and have had quit the success. 55 referrals and $1375 in potential earnings. But I have yet to any of that translate into realized earnings.

I understand the guidelines around how the referral program works but have a hard time believing that no one of the 55 referrals has yet to reach the minimum spent amount of $25.

I'm a huge fan of DO and wanted to share it with others so glad to see many have joined.

It would be nice for me to see at what stage of the spending they are on. So on that table a column with "spent $ so far" would be nice (until the $25 is spent, not total ever spent of course)

Asking to see how far along referred users are, would not compromise their privacy. I have no interest in knowing who the user is, I just want as a referrer to know how much user x/53 has spent within the $25 limit. I don’t care who they are, they could be labeled user 1 through 53. Just take that as additional feedback because right now I feel like I’m blind. Other referral programs do provide more info.

  • Ace Green
  • Sep 11 2018
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