DO Ideas 2

Allow withdraw of credit from referrals at a certain % rate

Allow users to choose to take $25 as account credit, or, say, $10 as payout.

I understand that you've done payouts in the past but had issues with fraud, and I understand that you'd rather give people account credit than cash, so it makes sense to lessen the cash payout, but NOT to remove it entirely.

I've already been promoting DO casually using my referral link and have had several sign-ups already. I could advertise DO on my blog etc., but there's not much incentive to do so, as it looks like what I'm doing already is going to cover my costs pretty well.

If I could withdraw money, even if at a lower rate, there would be much more incentive to advertise, and much less fear of ending up with hundreds of dollars that would go to waste.

  • Zaz Brown
  • Sep 11 2018
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