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Increase Amount of Team Accounts

Current maximum amount of team accounts allowed per account is 15. But I am having more than 15 clients to manage, existing system not able to allow me to handle more than 15 team accounts, instead digitalocean ask me to create another new account to handle for the rest.

This is very inconvenient & troublesome as i need to create another email account just for this purpose. My clients base is increasing & hence i need more than 15. I can not imagine in future i need to create how many email account.

For your info, other hosting solution like WPEngine & getflywheel can have unlimited team account on this.

Hope digitalocean can improve on this feature.

  • Teng
  • Sep 11 2018
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  • Jay Holtslander commented
    September 11, 2018 15:58

    I work at an Agency where all of our clients are on DigitalOcean and all our developers access via 2FA enabled personal accounts that are granted team access. This 15 team limit is really biting us in the butt now as we switch all clients from their old hosts to DO.

    Creating multiple email addresses to create multiple DO accounts for each developer introduces a level of confusion to this whole process.

    eg: For "Client B."... does developer A. need to login with Developer A account #1 (2FA enabled), or is it with Developer A account #2 (2FA enabled), or is it with Developer A account #3 (2FA enabled)?
    Finally logged in? What about switching to "Client C." now? Can't? Log out and do the above all over again.

    45 clients with 8 developers = 24 email addresses & 24 DO accounts required instead of 8 email addresses & 8 DO accounts.