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Pricing that matches Resize selection

With Block and Object storage now becoming the "go-to" way to increase storage for droplets, it no longer makes sense to increase the root disk storage. Sometimes only RAM and/or CPU need to be upgraded.

With the current pricing, a customer pays the same for a Flexible upgrade as another that gets a Permanent upgrade, and yet the latter customer gets extra storage space.

I propose a pricing difference between Flexible and Permanent to account for the different specs. A customer should not have to pay for extra disk space of they are not getting it.


TIER 1 — $10 for Temporary — $15 for Permanent
TIER 2 — $20 for Temporary — $25 for Permanent
TIER 3 — $30 for Temporary — $35 for Permanent
- etc.

This way, those that only need the CPU/RAM upgrade aren't paying for something (disk space) that they are not getting. It's more fair.

  • Roar Solutions Webmaster
  • Sep 11 2018
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