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Provide an API method for querying the event types list

I would like to retrieve a list of event types, to be able to identify and log the type of event that I'm monitoring.

{u'status': u'OK', u'event': {u'event_type_id': 18, u'percentage': u'3', u'droplet_id': XXXX, u'id': XXXXX, u'action_status': None}}

Event_type_id = 18 ?

  • Rodrigo Reis
  • Sep 11 2018
  • Shipped
  • Sep 11, 2018

    Admin Response

    Hi, We recently release our new API for a public beta. There are a lot of improvements, including an "actions" endpoint that exposes a full list of events. The responses looks like: { "actions":[ { "id":28682917, "status":"completed", "type":"backup", "started_at":"2014-07-15T19:43:25Z", "completed_at":"2014-07-15T19:46:51Z", "resource_id":1510065, "resource_type":"droplet", "region":"nyc2" } ], "meta":{ "total":1201 }, "links":{ "pages":{ "last":"", "next":"" } } } Check out the documentation: If you have anymore feedback on on the API, feel free to open an issue on our GitHub page:
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