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Add Support for Fedora 19

AFAIK, it's the first distribution to ship with Apache 2.4—which would be incredibly helpful to me.

  • Michael Ahlers
  • Sep 11 2018
  • Shipped
  • Sep 11, 2018

    Admin Response

    Apologies on the late reply but Fedora 19 is available for droplet creation. Thanks!
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  • Thomas commented
    September 11, 2018 18:22

    This should be closed in that case.

  • James Cloos commented
    September 11, 2018 18:22

    fedora 19 is in the list.

  • Samuel Sieb commented
    September 11, 2018 18:22

    I found a simple way of getting to F19. This only works if you have a 64-bit system because that's the only F19 kernel available in the menu. Make sure you don't reboot until all the steps are done or it won't boot. I also recommend making sure you have a backup first.

    yum --releasever=19 --nogpgcheck install fedora-release
    [ you need this first to get the new package signing key ]
    yum install
    [ this installs the kernel and initramfs that matches the kernel that DO provides ]
    [ it's easier to do this first, then you don't have to worry about the version check later ]
    yum --releasever=19 upgrade
    [ this will upgrade to F19 ]
    rpm --rebuilddb
    [ the rpm database was messed up afterwards for some reason and this fixed it ]

    Go to the settings menu and change the kernel to Fedora 19 x86_64 3.9.8-300.fc19.x86_64. On your server, run the "poweroff" command (don't reboot or the VM won't pick up the kernel change). Then start the server back up. You should now have an up-to-date F19 system (other than the kernel). It's pretty silly that this is necessary, but at least they do provide a usable kernel for this.

  • Anonymous commented
    September 11, 2018 18:22

    i agree. 19 should definitely be an option. given the fact that it will make the current image 2 releases old. i have upgraded the current 17 image to 19 via yum, it does not function properly, especially the new firewall package, firewalld. it is completed unresponsive to commands. its active and on because it completely locks you out after the upgrade. thank goodness for console access. had to remove and configure iptables the old way. As a test case, i did a fresh install of 19 on a local vm and firewalld responds as it should so i think firing up fedora 19 images would solve the issue.

  • Bob Patterson Jr commented
    September 11, 2018 18:22

    Fedora 17 is only going to be supported for one more month. So 19 needs to be an option soon