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Let droplet owners install a user-management system

I am a lecturer in a programming course and I am considering to open a droplet where students can submit their homework. My idea is to have a Linux droplet where each student can:
* Create an account (i.e, a Linux username and password), either by a web-based GUI or by another way.
* Login to his/her account with ssh.
* Upload his/her homework into his/her home-folder on the Linux droplet, e.g. by putting the homework in a git repository and doing "git clone".

The main component that I need is the user-management system - the system that allows users to remotely create new user-accounts in a Linux system, choose a password, get a home-folder, etc., without me (the droplet owner) having to manually open an account for each student. Is there already such a component? If not, maybe it can be added?

  • Erel Segal-Halevi
  • Sep 11 2018
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