DO Ideas 2

Add the term "feedback" or "uservoice" to "Digital Ocean" logo in the header on the uservoice feedback page

After posing and "idea" on the uservoice feedback page, I wanted to go back to the Droplet Console page, so I clicked on the "Digital Ocean" logo in the page header (banner) and, instead of taking be back to the Digital Ocean home page, as expected, it looped me back to the uservoice feedback home page!

So, I went looking for another link back to the Digital Ocean home page, and found two that are labeled "Digital Ocean" but I had little faith in them, based on my history of links of the same name!

I suggest you do something to make a distinction between the Digital Ocean header link and the other two "Digital Ocean" links -- like, add the phrase "Feedback Page" to "Digital Ocean" in the header, of something to that effect.

  • Steve Lawson
  • Sep 11 2018
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