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substitute client ID and API key on the API page for easier copy-paste

  • Joel Taylor
  • Sep 11 2018
  • Will not implement
  • Sep 11, 2018

    Admin Response

    The API key and the Client ID are your identifying information and we do not display the API key after it is generated the first time. This is specifically done for security, so unfortunately you will need to copy and paste and then fill that in later. Thanks!
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  • Tim commented
    September 11, 2018 17:51

    Joel seems to be referring to the example method URLs with client_id=[your_client_id] and api_key=[your_api_key].

    It appears that protecting those two values is the only "security" the API offers, though this was not entirely clear at first (and as such, I also wondered why the system didn't pre-substitute my values into URL templates for easier copy-paste).

    But I think the real problem here is a lack of obvious next steps on the API page. Perhaps you guys could add some links to help guide users towards further reading? Such as the community article

  • Kamal Nasser commented
    September 11, 2018 17:51

    I'm not sure what you mean -- each field has a "COPY" button next to it that copies its contents to your clipboard.