DO Ideas 2

Make snapshooting/restore as effective as Linode's

Server-level backups should be the same process as creating a snapshot. User should be able to set daily time-frame during which the backups occur. Backups should occur as server snapshots, created while the server is live. They should be stored in daily, weekly and bi-weekly slots, plus there should be an additional slot for a manually initiated snapshot.

User should be able to restore from any snapshot to the same server or to use as a basis for creating new servers. This might be done to clone or replicate the server for load balancing, or it can be done to use a good, working server as a basis for a new server.

For me, the backup/snapshot and restore system is the single most crucial part of the whole system. Five dollar servers are nice, but if I can't wield snapshots quickly and effectively, everything else is moot.

  • Sep 11 2018
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