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Tell user that the user name for default SSH is the root

When I created my new stack, I told Digital Ocean tu use my SSH key. It said it will not send an email, and that's ok.

But, how I figure out the user name to login using ssh? You don't have any place that tells me so... I don't think that's really common, a lot of other services creates users with varies names, and I think on the Access Tab you should say something like: to SSH, use: ssh root@ (of course, changing this IP for the current server IP, this one I typed randomly)

I think it's not clear that the user that have your key is "root", you guys should point that out, I spent almost an hour trying to guess the correct user name (and trying to find on your docs).

So, I really suggest you make this information clear so the next people don't have the same problem that I did...

  • Wilker Lucio
  • Sep 11 2018
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  • Stevie Hryciw commented
    September 11, 2018 17:35

    I ran into this when trying out a CoreOS droplet. I had to comb the tutorials to find out that the default user is not "root" but "core" (and by then I'd destroyed and re-made the droplet twice thinking I'd done something wrong).

    Displaying OS/region-specific info when setting up a new droplet is generally very good on D.O. and I think this would be a nice touch.