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Projects for devs to devs and digitalocean gui

Imagine inside of the digitalocean admin panel there would be a tab called projects, you could work on code there with other developers you trust without needing to go through your account info. You can even have a notes page inside of the projects for ideas that you can use for your project. I think we can vote together to make digitalocean even more different than all the other bland cloud vps companies! Just imagine the possibilities of people working together on a project and ideas without being in a skype call or connected via ash or any of those things. You can just seamlessly connect with other developers and work right from your main panel. That way there is less time wasted for you and more time for your ideas! I truly think this community has many ideas and is highly educated. One last thing I need to add, there should be a mini tutorial or kind of GUI for the people who are new to vps and Linux in total. Something coded by digitalocean with feedback from the community. This way more people could use the service and you gain more revenue and there is a chance for more game changing people to make their way up the developer list! If the founders see this please take this in thought if we can do these things digitalocean will be perfect for the newbies and the pros! Thanks for reading

  • Nima yeganeh
  • Sep 11 2018
  • Will not implement
  • Sep 11, 2018

    Admin Response

    Unfortunately at this time that would be a large allocation of resources and we are currently focused on building out our core infrastructure pieces and then adding on top of that. However it's a great idea and we would encourage users to develop this on their own. Thanks, Moisey
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