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Improve website's usability ?

I find some usability flaws with your website I will try to list them all and it would be great if you took this into your consideration :)

1- If I'm already logged in I don't have to go to the homepage just take me to my control panel or at least display my user name on the homepage and a link to my control panel, I don't have to click on Log In link so the website tells me that I'm already logged in

2- Homepage, Dashboard (Control Panel) and the community should all be connected together and they should all link to each other
Now if I'm at the community and tried to get back to the control panel I can't - Also if I can remember well that the community sub site required another registration process other than what I already did to log in to the control panel

3- Please separate the support tickets from FAQ's I know that FAQ's are awesome and everything but I think from my own perspective that they should be separated

Guys you're great but your website just needs to be revised especially the navigation hierarchy
Everything must be accessible from any place

And finally thanks for your great awesome service :)

  • Muhammad Saleh
  • Sep 11 2018
  • Will not implement
  • Sep 11, 2018

    Admin Response

    Hi, Thanks for the great feedback. We have a few updates coming to the control panel over the next coming months to address the item you bring up in point #1. We separated out the community and DO cloud access points both for security and also so people could access the community features separately, but mainly it was done for security considerations. As for the FAQs, we are working on an update to the support page to resolve that item. In the future it's easier if you submit the requests separately otherwise it's hard to address them individually. Thanks, Moisey
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