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Be more proactive on User Voice

Customers use User Voice to communicate what they believe should be implemented. While it has been effective for a few features there are some promises that have been made, and not kept and just neglected.

I think that DO should put much more effort on replying to customers and not making promises that are not kept.


Moisey promised this with the new DNS 6 months ago - never arrived

Moisey promised this 5 quarters ago - Still nothing

These are just a couple of examples, and I have even chased a couple with support tickets - still no progress.

Furthermore - there are loads of projects that are showing as planned that are completed. This UserVoice site seems to be in a state of neglect. There is no point in us suggesting stuff if you don't respond.

  • Ben Maynard
  • Sep 11 2018
  • Will not implement
  • Sep 11, 2018

    Admin Response

    Hi Ben, We totally agree with this. We haven't necessarily done the best job setting expectations when it comes to UserVoice requests in the past. This is something we are actively working on as we build out our product team. UserVoice has been extremely helpful in gauging user demand and surfacing new ideas. We recently made a sweep through the backlog to clean it up, and we added a new status, "gathering feedback." It might make sense to offer even more fine grained statuses. There are a lot of new features we are hoping to bring out in the next year. We've experienced a lot of internal growth recently and this should help us deliver these at a higher velocity. Both of those specific features you pointed to are things we still want to do. The new DNS service that we've implemented has laid the groundwork to support configurable TTLs, so this is definitely underway. Being able to deploy to physically separated hardware is also something that we hope to support. Thanks for the feedback!
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