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fix username during onboarding process

I just signed up and received a welcome email featuring a hashed URL which refreshed to a URL including my auto-generated username:

There are two problems, though. One, there's a close parenthesis on the URL. That's probably wrong.

Two, even without the close paren, the URL says there's no user at that address. Well, that's because I changed my username to something I prefer during my signup.

It seems the long hash URL should look up my *current* username and refresh to that instead of the old one. That way, even if I change my username N times before clicking the link, the link will still work.

  • Rob Nugen
  • Sep 11 2018
  • Will not implement
  • Sep 11, 2018

    Admin Response

    Hi! Thanks for reporting this issue. I've opened an internal bug report on this and an engineer will be addressing it soon. We use UserVoice to track and gauge demand for feature requests. So I'm going to go ahead and mark this as "closed" in order to free up your vote. Thanks again!
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