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Create LAMP image with essential web developer tools already on it (Bower, SASS, LESS etc)

I love DO because it means I can fire up a LAMP server in under a minute and get coding away on an idea or a project for a client. But, inevitably if you're developing a fairly complex project you use a framework and the other associated tools. In my case I use Symfony2 and then asset manager tools like Composer and Bower, plus languages that require their own installation like SASS and (sometimes) LESS, etc. etc.

Now, installing my framework of choice isn't a problem (if you decide to become proficient at using it, it's one of the first things you should learn), but, installing all the other stuff I find tricky and time consuming.

For example, I have a dead simple site I want to set up, but to do so I have to install Bower and SASS. To do this I've had to:

* Install Git
* Install something to build Node.js
* Install Node.js
* Install NPM
* Install Bower
* Install Ruby
* Install gem
* Install SASS
* Test all of the above

Now, I'm not a server admin, and this is all alien territory to me, I just want to get coding PHP (and other goodies like Twig, JS, SCSS and the like), but I'm out of my comfort zone typing in lots of `sudo apt-get install` statements.

Could DO produce a "web developer" LAMP image that came with Git, Ruby, Gem, Node.js, NPM and other associated paraphernalia which meant installing tools like Bower and Sass was just a case of

`sudo apt-get update && sudo gem install sass && sudo npm install -g bower`

Would save lots of time and make like much easier! Please do correct me if I've misunderstood something or this might be a counter-productive idea!

  • Dom Weldon
  • Sep 11 2018
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  • Ted Wood commented
    September 11, 2018 16:59

    Set up a droplet with everything that you need, and take a Snapshot. Then future droplets can be built from that Snapshot and be ready to go with all of your installed software packages. That's how I've solved this problem.