DO Ideas 2

Add more options for setting up a rails server

I think a lot of people would like choosing between many servers, so a dropdown allowing us to choose between things like:
Nginx + Unicorn
Nginx + Passenger
Apache + Passenger

etc, and then the last option would be something like:
"Easy capistrano integration", where the whole thing is structured the way capistrano wants it with current, shared, releases and the configs already pointing towards the app. This way deployment with capistrano is just clicking a button while creating a droplet, then making 2-3 changes in deploy.rb and production.rb.

I also think it would be cool if deployment was as easy as heroku. I set up a server there for my app because I had tried at least 5-6 times on DO already. I think it's cool what they've done where you can just git push heroku and it automatically finds out what it is you're deploying, and sets everything up for you.

I'm not 100% experienced with rails or anything, nor am I really great with many of the OSes like Ubuntu or CentOS, but I really think this would make deployment far easier.

  • Neil
  • Sep 11 2018
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