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Tutorials should be more living (version control or wiki-editing)

I know there was a previous idea about a wiki, but the company-hosted tutorials could also use some version control system. These are a tremendous asset for DigitalOcean and one of the reasons I use the service, but they fill up with tons of comments which sometimes should just be included in the article.

It appears DigitalOcean is just writing new tutorials and pointing to them, based on How To Migrate Droplets Using Snapshots ( This is a messy solution and I don't think it's really scalable. Also, the first community tutorial I took a look at today had a comment about a confusing typo at the bottom (see! Much better if that person could simply do an automatic edit request or something. I realize that's a tall order but maybe there's something off-the-shelf that could be plugged in. Worth putting on the backlog at least.

  • Jes Slow
  • Sep 11 2018
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