DO Ideas 2

Scheduled or Delayed API [Snapshot] Actions

Allow the API to schedule an action to be executed, allowing to perform a series of actions on droplet.

The main objective is to allow to a droplet snapshot itself, scheduling an action to start within a couple of minutes or when the droplet is down.

It would be achieved in three ways:
1. This could be applied exclusively to snapshots, as a "snapshot_delay" action, which would start in 5 minutes, giving the user time to shutdown the system;

2. Actions could receive a "time_delay" parameter, which delays the execution of the action by "time_delay" seconds;

3. Actions could be triggered by events with an "on_event" parameter, allowing "snapshot" to be executed "on_event" "power_off"

  • Glauco Cattalini Lins
  • Sep 11 2018
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  • Glauco Cattalini Lins commented
    September 11, 2018 16:47

    Edit... Better than "on_event" would be "after_event"

    Auto snapshot:
    "snapshot" to be executed "after_event" "power_off"

    "power_on" to be executed "after_event" "power_off"

    "power_off" to be executed "after_event" "power_on"

    "destroy" to be executed "after_event" "power_on"