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Password Reset Nightmare!

think you need to make it easier for customers in terms of passwords generated, for example me as a developer, you send emails to the original owner of the account but 9/10 times the owner simply pays the bills and has no knowledge of IT, by adding a drop down box next to password rest you can send the password reset to the developer (can be an owner)
Developers don't receive the passwords for the new droplets and this is very frustrating and slows down production time. I spent 2 days speaking with digital ocean customer support trying to get my password reset and in the end i ended up creating a new droplet and guess what happened (should have been quicker) the whole process started again!
Allow multiple emails for password resets so long as they are also 'owners'
im wasting time chasing my clients to check their email. very frustrating process.

you should add a drop down box next to reset password to select which owner should receive the password reset email

hope this helps

  • Sam
  • Sep 11 2018
  • Sep 11, 2018

    Admin Response

    Hi Sam, Thanks for the feedback. Are you using a Team Account or are you sharing a login with the owner of the account?
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