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Back-ups that cannot be deleted, until they expire (according to duration date) to protect from hackers

I would like to be able to define on a server level, that back-ups cannot be deleted, until they expire (according to duration date).
Such a definition will defend me from hackers deleting my web site... I would like backups to be set to work weekly with incremental backups daily, and for them not to be available for deleting for a certain pre-defined time period.
The way backups are currently designed allows to delete them, so I cannot enjoy the real value of backups.

  • Ehud
  • Sep 11 2018
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  • StianM commented
    September 11, 2018 15:45

    Take backups off-site, secure your installations properly. Following general security guidelines and how to secure your platform will make it almsot impossible to delete, and in the rare case that you do get hacked, you have an off-site backup.

    I usually use Google Cloud or Amazon S3 for backups, and have good experience with them.

    A good start protectign your server from hackers, is to disable all services you dont need on the server, dont use ROOT, but rather another user that can sudo as root.. And block all traffic you do not need both inbound and outbound. An SSL Key is also nice for secure connection to the server.

    I would also reccomend blocking off any ports you dont need on the private interface, and if you are running multiple server, it is a good idea to run a VPN between them. Just because it's private network, does not mean you are alone on it.