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I do some web design jobs for customers and with the web design job often comes the need a hosting service, I´ve been creating independent hosting accounts for them but I think there is a better option without complicating it too much in terms of implementation:

From my own account I would create a droplet for the customer and I would associate this droplet to the costumer´s paypal email, a recurring payment for the droplet would be automatically created and the droplet would be on standby waiting for the customer to agree to the recurring payment, when he agrees I would finish the droplet setup process or this could be done automatically with the previously defined preferences... . If the customer fails to pay only his droplet is affected, becoming offline and we both would be notified of the situation.

This way I could keep the control over the customer account which is important and he would be responsible for the payments.


  • Fred
  • Sep 11 2018
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  • Josh Viney commented
    September 11, 2018 16:44

    Hi Fred,

    I think Teams can get you most of what you're asking for. You can login and create Teams for each client. Each Team can have it's own Billing information, and you can transition ownership of the Team to your clients when you're done working on them. The workflow would look something like this:

    1. Login and create a new Team
    2. Use your own Billing information, or enter the client's
    3. Invite the client as a "Member" initially if you need them to have access to the resources. If not, don't invite them until you want to transition ownership.
    4. When you want to transition ownership, enter their billing information (if you haven't already) and remove yours from the Team
    5. Invite the client, and once they accept, make them an Owner
    6. You can then leave the Team if you want to fully transition, or stay on the Team if you're going to continue working with them.

    Hope that helps.