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NS records for subdomain

It would be nice (and our customers ask us for that functionality) to be able to define NS records for subdomains so we can point them to other hosting services they have already.

i.e: If I have and with a hosting and web services provided by my droplet, my customer wants to have different NS records so they can manage this concrete subdomain with another service/company while keeping the root domain (and www main page) with us.

  • Digital Leaves
  • Sep 11 2018
  • Will not implement
  • Sep 11, 2018

    Admin Response

    I believe this is possible as we have this setup ourselves. The trick is to create a new domain (not a record on the existing domain) of and setup NS records inside of that domain. If you have any trouble with this open up a support ticket and our team will help you troubleshoot. Also let me know if I misunderstood! Thanks, Brooke McKim, Product Manager
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  • Anonymous commented
    September 11, 2018 16:43

    Unfortunately this still does not work, I have spent almost a day configuring and toubleshooting it.
    If you have both and added as a new domain, even if you have NS records set up at the subdomain to point to your own name server, apparently DigitalOcean's name servers will not forward the DNS query to name servers set up in the subdomain's zone, and will return an NXDOMAIN answer for queries like even if that would have been handled by the subdomain's name server (pointed to by the NS records at the zone).

  • Digital Leaves commented
    September 11, 2018 16:43

    Thank you so very much Brooke for your prompt response,

    If I understood correctly, I should open a new domain record with the subdomain name as domain (i.e:, the IP of my droplet containing the root webpage (and choosing my droplet of course), and then remove all record entries and add just two NS records for the target subdomain address (i.e: and

    Does that sound good to you?