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DNS/zone templates.

DNS/Zone Templates.

Something similar was proposed earlier but I think that proposal was a bit broad and therefor declined.

What I'm proposing is the ability to create zone templates and using those to create new zones. This has the potential of saving a lot of time. I'm looking to migrate 15+ domains to DO and not having this ability means I'll have to spend quite some time entering the same information which seems silly.

An example, my mail (for each domain) is handled by a specific mailserver - the SPF record are published there and so on, so it would be useful if I could create a zone similar to:

@ MX 10
@ TXT "v=spf1"

but it would also be nice to being able to create a default 'www' entry, and so on.

On top if that, it might be nice to being able to "inherit" zone templates - that is, following the DRY principle of not repeating oneself, for instance:

[mail template] inherits [DO default]

translating to:

@ NS ns{1,2,3}
@ A {dropletIP}
@ MX 10
@ TXT "v=spf1"

The point here being is to allow people to add a dozen or more domains without much repitition. In fact, with variables I could generate most of the zones without having to edit most zones, for instance:

{domain w/o tld}

This would be extremely useful in order to being able to CNAME dkim entries for instance, that is:

default CNAME {domain w/o tld}

I think this will simplify DO's DNS management in the long run and it will remove a burden for users that are now required to use 'doctl' and automate the process around it. It's not useful.

I hope you'll consider my proposal. Thank you.

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  • Sep 11 2018
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    September 11, 2018 16:41

    Decided to use python-digitalocean instead; created a quick-'n-dirty script to do the work for me.

    Nonetheless I think this is a good idea for the future, especially if you can re-generate zones from templates.

    For anyone that's curious, here's the Gist: